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Since 2003 I have helped thousands of people
in over 40 countries lose weight.



I will provide you with three important ingredients to help you lose weight and end dieting forever:
Proven Products • Precise Direction • Personal Support

Tom Nicoli

Tom Nicoli

By now, you may have heard of me:

  • 3 appearances on Dateline NBC's The Ultimate Diet Challenge
  • My program was given the only "5 Star" rating by Shape Magazine
  • Author of "Thinking Thin - The Truth About Weight Loss"


This 2½ Minute Video May Change Your Life!
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There are Four Phases to this program...
and it is very simple.Just listen to one of my 20 minute audios once a day.

Note: The CDs pictured below have been converted to MP3s for immediate download.

Phase 1: Relearning How to Eat

DietFreedom2CDListen to Tom explain Phase 1

Healthy Habits for Weight Lossguide[1]
& End Emotional Eating.

These are the two audio files used on Dateline NBC to help a pastry chef lose 40 pounds. Plus you will get the PDF Quick Start Guide with step by step instructions to guide you through the program.

For the first two weeks (During Phase 1) you will alternate listening to one of these audios daily.

Phase 2: Targeting Specific Issues

DietFreedom4CDListen to Tom explain Phase 2

  • Do you ever get the urge for chocolate cake?
  • Or do you find yourself staring into the refrigerator at 10 PM?

That's the sort of issue I'll help you with during Phase 2. You will continue to listen to one audio per day, but if you feel the need, you can substitute one of the follow audios that target specific problem areas such as:

  • Stop Night Time Snacking
  • Reduce Sugar & Sweets
  • Increase Exercise and Activity
  • Cutting Back on Carbs

Phase 3: Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

DietFreedom4CDListen to Tom explain Phase 3

At this point, you will not need to listen to one audio per day. Once you learn to start eating healthier and you see progress in your weight loss goals, you can move on to Phase 3.

Occasionally, it will be helpful to listen to the audios from Phase 1 and 2, but you may want to substitute one of the audios below, especially the Pillow Power Audios. These are designed to be used only when going to bed for the night. They fade out at the end for you to enjoy a good night sleep.

  • Pillow Power for Weight Loss
  • Pillow Power for Stress
  • Remove Emotional Clutter
    If feel yourself falling back into old habits, Remove Emotional Clutter will help you stay on track.
  • Personal Power for Weight Loss
    This audio can be used anytime, even while driving. It reinforces many of the suggestions in the Phase 1 audios.

Phase 4: Ongoing Support

30SecondSeries[1]Listen to Tom explain Phase 4

Tom Nicoli's "30 Second Series" Power Messages

The truth is you need moral support when you try to change habits that are entrenched in your subconscious. And sometimes your family just doesn't understand. I have produced a follow up program where I will send you short, uplifting messages by email every two or three days.

The point of these emails is to support you... in less than 30 seconds.


Diet Freedom Radio with Tom Nicoli

Every Monday afternoon I host a radio show just for my clients. You can submit your questions anytime during the week and then stop in and listen to your questions answered.

Not available every Monday? NO Problem!! Each show is recorded and available anytime during the week. Most people download it and listen in the car, on the way to work for example, just like you would listen to any radio program.


 This is what you get...

• Phase 1 •
Healthy Habits for Weight Loss: Value $29.95
End Emotional Eating: Value $29.95
PDF Quick Start Guide: Value $ 29.95

• Phase 2 •
Stop Night Time Snacking: Value $29.95
Reduce Sugar and Sweets: Value $29.95
Increase Exercise and Activity: Value $29.95
Cutting Back on Carbs: Value $29.95

• Phase 3 •
Pillow Power for Weight Loss: Value $29.95
Pillow Power for Stress: Value $29.95
Remove Emotional Clutter: Value $29.95
Personal Power for Weight Loss: Value $29.95

• Phase 4 •
30 Second Series: Value $49.95
Diet Freedom Radio: Value $89.95
Total Value: $469.35

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