Finally, after 14 YEARS, you can Now learn how I helped people in over 50 countries lose weight with hypnosis!

Tom Nicoli's
Weight Loss Specialty Training for Hypnotists

This is what you've been waiting for to boost
your career as a hypnotist ...

Since 2003, I have only taught my system to the people who could attend my class at the NGH Annual Convention or to my students at the New England Institute of Hypnosis. But now... you have the opportunity to learn my exact system so you can increase business and earn lots of money, while helping lots of people achieve their goal and lose weight.

One day in early 2003, a producer from the TV show Dateline NBC called me and asked if I would be interested in doing a hypnosis session with someone who agreed to try to lose weight for their upcoming 25th high school reunion. Needless to say, that turned out to be a day that changed my life.

The show was called Losing it: The Ultimate Diet Challenge. NBC chose six people who wanted to lose weight for their 25th high school reunion, each using a different approach or weight loss program.

Out of the six people chosen, the producers gave me a pastry chef to work with.
Can you believe it? A pastry chef! But... you'll be amazed at what happened...

Just Imagine this...

Using well known "diet programs" and approaches to lose weight, most of the participants struggled. They were frustrated, emotionally challenged, mentally fatigued and sometimes even angry.

And just like with most diets, there was even some cheating going on when the cameras weren't around. However... there was one person who was cruising along and losing weight. Guess who?

Two months in, the man who originally couldn't get into his varsity jacket, now couldn't be held back. He was steadily working with a fitness trainer and he was religiously listening to his hypnosis CDs. The same CDs included in this program.

And after three months using hypnosis, his wife had a nickname for him. Incredibly, "droopy drawers" had lost the most so far... a Staggering 40 Pounds!!

Since then Thousands of people around the world have lost weight... gained their confidence... increased happiness... health and their quality of life. People in almost 50 countries have succeeded using this system. Now it's time for your clients to have the same success!

And if you're thinking the program
you're using right now is working...

There's a BIG problem...
What If It Can Be Even Better?

During the ten years since the pastry chef was followed by millions of people on national TV...  I have edited, tweaked, revised, improved and perfected my approach with weight loss clients.  

I've spent all the time... I've done all the work... and did the testing for you...

And I'm finally making it available to You!


Every experienced hypnotist knows weight loss clients are the most complex clients you will ever work with... BUT...

 With a proven, effective hypnosis program, your clients can actually have the power to lose weight easier... faster... and healthier... without the typical struggle and frustration when using will power and dieting.

And that's what this program helps your clients do. Achieve their weight loss goals easier than ever before... or for the first time in their life! And you can increase Your business success... in other words, make more money and help more clients!

Hypnotists have traveled from around the world to learn this program... and spent thousands of dollars in expenses and training. But you won't have to do that... unless you prefer taking the time to travel to a venue, spend all that money and forget about 90% of all you heard the next day.

Now you can learn every element of the program right in the comfort of your home… at your own speed… in a way that is convenient for you.

Listen to the audio portion of the training  all you want, as many times as you want… IT’S THE BEST, AND MOST EFFECTIVE, WAY TO LEARN.

And you will learn what NO OTHER PROGRAM has to offer.  An approach I developed of working with clients  that is the  foundation of this training and the success it delivers...  my D.E.P.T.H. Model

And here's a BIG SECRET...
my D.E.P.T.H. Model can be used with
almost ANY client...
but works especially well with Weight Loss clients!

Produce the specific results you desire with clients on a consistent basis.

Tom Nicoli's
Complete Weight Loss Specialty
Training for Hypnotists
With Practitioner Certificate

Everything you need TODAY to get started ...

Just Imagine What This Will Do For Your Hypnosis Business

 Here's A Complete Breakdown Of This Amazing Weight Loss Training Program So You Can See The Immense Value You're Getting...

The Training Manual

Section I:

  • Why a successful weight loss program = a successful practice
  • Importance of Perception
  • Consultations
  • Programs
  • Session Elements
  • Scheduling the Client
  • Preparing for an Effective Induction
  • Intake Form, Effective Questioning, Pre-Talk & D.E.P.T.H.
  • Creating the Client’s Landscape
  • Modalities

Section II

  • Variables
  • Linguistic Bridges
  • Inductions – Key Points
  • Key Phrases
  • Metaphors
  • Scripts for Inductions & Change
  • Post-hypnotic Suggestions - Continued Reinforcement
  • Instructions for Self-Hypnosis
  • Materials for Client
  • Reaffirm Importance of Client Interaction
  • Forms & Letters

Audio CD 1: Introduction

On This Audio CD You Will Learn:

  • A bit about myself and my background
  • Just how this material came about, while about 100 clients per week came for weight loss
  • Why weight loss clients are your best advertising
  • How weight loss clients will help your business grow
  • How to find niches within the specialty area of weight loss
  • How to create new markets with weight loss hypnosis
  • How to find your personal comfort zone when using this program

Audio CD 2: D.E.P.T.H.

On This Audio CD You Will Learn:

  • The basis of D.E.P.T.H. and it's key component
  • A breakdown of the D.E.P.T.H. model and how it works
  • What the true hungers are that drive negative eating behaviors
  • The use of will power and societal conditioning
  • How emotion comes into play during D.E.P.T.H. and how to prepare the client
  • The use of effective questioning to remove denial... before the hypnosis session begins
  • Reframing words and terminology to create a better starting point for change
  • How to remove possible defenses for the client to be more open for change
  • Why creating more rapport will assist in successful outcomes and how to maintain rapport
  • The components of D.E.P.T.H. and how they apply in the session work
  • How to place responsibility on the client... where it belongs
  • An example of weaving effective language patterns and word structure

Audio CD 3: Miscellaneous

On This Audio CD You Will Learn:

  • Misconceptions hypnotists have about charging fees for sessions... getting paid
  • How clients pay for programs and when they should pay... and why
  • The "real weight" clients need to release in order to reach weight loss goals
  • How to create covert language patterns to create effective suggestions for behavior change
  • An easy way to get clients to stop telling their story called the past... and how it's been in their way
  • Ideas to help create weight loss programs for long term success that many hypnotists don't know
  • Other behavior change processes and techniques to use to add more value to your programs
  • The dumbest business model ever that hypnotists fail to recognize... and will cost you dearly
  • How to use "group hypnosis" sessions with your clients and have them love doing it
  • How to find targeted clients without the costs of advertising... using free methods
  • The "P" word that trumps advertising and will get clients to flock to you
  • How to get on TV to create more recognition and the perception as the local expert to attract clients
  • How to get radio interviews to increase your business and attract more clients
  • How you can get clients around the world and do sessions with them and never leave the house

Data CD 4: Forms, Letters and Scripts

NOTE: This disc also contains the Special Bonus!
Details Below

This Data CD Contains:

The Client Agreement Form
Without a signed agreement and layout of your programs you have no support if challenged by a client at a further time. The CAF is a passive and comfortable way to create a contract / an agreement between you and the client and to place the responsibility of any outcomes where it truly belongs... on the client.

The CAF also explains what is in the program the client is signing up for and that personal change cannot be guaranteed. Not using this form can be a big mistake.

Client Testimonial Release Form
The best promotion of your services is having endorsements from your clients. The CTRF gives you the "unqualified right" to publish, print and reproduce the client's endorsement in whole or in part, which includes their name, city and state, and occupation for any commercial, public or private use.

Client Intake Form
Intake forms vary between hypnotists but is an important piece of your gathering information. With proper questioning and "must have" information on your intake form you will save a lot of time in your pretalk. The CIF also includes a Release Statement authorizing you to provide your services as outlined in your program. It also includes in it text stating there is confidentiality between you and the client, except that which you are legally obliged to report such as threat of injury to self or others.

Not having this information on your intake form is a risk you do not want to have.

Credit Card Payment Form
Doing business today requires accepting credit cards. Not having a merchant account to accept credit cards means losing anywhere between 50% - 80% of all potential business. Not accepting credit cards is lost money that could have been yours.

The Dr. Introduction Letter
The CIF (Client Intake Form) asks the client for their medical or mental health Dr. information. This gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential referral base. Referrals remove the cost to acquire new clients. However, an introduction letter to medical or mental health professional can be effective or not, depending on how it's written. This will surely assist in introducing yourself and your services in a most professional manner.

Wholesale Hypnosis CD Program
When becoming proficient in the business of weight loss hypnosis and offering longer programs, using audio hypnosis sessions, along with the one-on-one sessions, is a great addition. Hypnosis CDs also add value to the program when used as handouts to the client for daily listening and continued reinforcement. They can also be added sales products in your office, and don't have to be created by you.

The hypnosis CDs included in the Weight Loss Specialty Training for Hypnotists are for use as sessions
in your programs, which have proven to be highly effective for people in almost 50 countries. Now you can join other hypnotists who use these same hypnosis CDs at a wholesale cost to you.

Every good hypnotists knows a well written script has its place to help guide clients to personal change  to reach their goals. The Induction and Suggestion Scripts included in this program were written by me. Writing custom scripts, and editing scripts for other hypnotists, is another service I provide.

These scripts have been used by hypnotists with great results. Now you can have them to add to your toolbox as a professional hypnotist. And the Induction Scripts can be used with any client. This part of the program alone is worth a great value. It includes:

Inductions:                                                    Changework Scripts:

Falling Leaf                                              Uniting All Parts      Weight Loss I
Feet In Sand                                            Confidence Builder   Weight Loss II
The Raft of Security                                  Honesty & Truth      Weight Loss III


Already You Can See The
Weight Loss Specialty Training For Hypnotists
Offers Great Value...

But There's More!

Included Are 8 Mind Soothing,
Behavior Changing, High Quality Hypnosis Sessions. 
The Same CDs That Have Helped People In Almost
50 Countries.


Using audio hypnosis sessions, along with the one-on-one sessions,
is a great addition.
Hypnosis CDs also add value to the program when used as
handouts to the client for
daily listening and continued reinforcement...
and don't have to be created by you.

Hypnosis CD 1: Reduce Sugar And Sweets

Research and studies have proven sugar can weaken the immune system, contribute to the aging process, raise stress levels, contribute to Type II diabetes, and create more fat in your body (sugar is a carbohydrate).

This hypnosis audio CD will help clients reduce their cravings for sugar and sweets and end that "sweet tooth" behavior.



Hypnosis CD 2: Stop Night Time Snacking

One of the most common issues most weight loss clients have about their unhealthy eating patterns is night time snacking. It may be boredom, loneliness, anger, sadness or any of the emotions that direct us to eat when we're not hungry. And many of these clients eat well all day, but night time is their downfall.

This hypnosis audio CD will help end that unhealthy habit.



Hypnosis CD 3: Confidence Builder

Confidence Building is a must to include in the work we do with all clients. If they don't feel confident they can reach their goal, they won't. Using this hypnosis audio CD will help any client increase their confidence and belief that they can make the healthy changes needed to lose weight and reach their goal.



Hypnosis CD 5: Exercise Boost

It's no secret exercise and physical activity is key to lose weight  and to feel better physically and emotionally. Many times it's the most difficult piece of a healthy weight loss program for clients to do. 

This hypnosis audio CD will kick start their physical activity and remove the mental block to be physically active. 




Hypnosis CD 6: Stop Self Sabotage

Have you ever had a client that did well, made the changes, was on their way to reaching their goal and sabotage set in? Or the client reached their goal but couldn't maintain the results because of Self Sabotage.

This hypnosis audio CD will help get clients back on track
quickly to reach and maintain their goal. 




Hypnosis CDs 7 & 8: My Original Weight Loss CD Set


This 2 CD set is the foundation of the weight loss audio program. You will be amazed at how they were created, using three vocal tracks, binaural beats and alpha inducing tracks, for an amazing hypnosis experience. You have probably heard nothing like it... and your clients will love it.

This is the 2 CD set you saw on Dateline NBC that helped a pastry chef lose 40 pounds. And when Shape Magazine reviewed them with other hypnosis weight loss CDs... they gave them the ONLY 5 Star Rating.




Your Certificate of Completion

The Weight Loss Specialty Training For Hypnotists comes with a Certificate of Completion from the New England Institute of Hypnosis that you can proudly display in your office for everyone to see.

* When placing your order, your name and the date will be printed on the Certificate of Completion*

Let's Review...

In The Complete Weight Loss
Specialty Training for Hypnotists...
You Get:

Like I Said... People Have Spent Thousands of Dollars to Learn These Techniques...
But Forget That !!

I want more people to achieve the success with weight loss
clients that I have experienced over the last ten plus years.

For a limited time, I am offering the entire Weight Loss Specialty Training for Hypnotists Program for an unbelievable low price! 

But Wait... There's More!

Order the Weight Loss Specialty Training for Hypnotists
Today & I will Include My Book of Hypnosis Scripts:

Miscellaneous Modification  
Assorted Scripts For Life Changes...

At No Additional Cost!

These scripts that I personally crafted are for other issues
weight loss clients may also be dealing with, while some
of these scripts work well within any weight loss program.

I added this Special Bonus because I want to
do all I can to help YOU increase your success
with your clients... which leads to success in your business 

By now you must be wondering just how much
the Weight Loss Specialty Training Program

for Hypnotists costs? The same program proven
on national TV... in front of millions of people.

The total value for the Training Manual  
3 Instructional Audio CDs
Data CD with Forms, Dr. Letter and Scripts  
8 Hypnosis Session CDs and the
Hypnosis Script Book Special Bonus ... 
this program is Easily worth $997!!

But You Won't Pay That...

Look what hypnotists who took the class had to say...

"Excellent Information... I Learned a Lot"

“Excellent information. Terrific opportunity to learn from Tom’s vast
experience & knowledge. I learned a lot. Thank you.”
Nancy Douglas

"Fantastic... Why Did I Wait So Long..."

“Fantastic... I was trained 2 years ago - why did I wait so long to attend.”
Dee Thompson

"Great Course...
For All Practicing Hypnotists."

“Great course that contains essential information for all practicing hypnotists.”
John Bittne

"Great Information...
Very Generous With His Materials..."

"Great information. Tom's a great hypnotist who's very gifted and very generous  with his materials for his students."
 Keli Henault

"It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This."

"It doesn't get any better than this. Fantastic!"
Susan Nordemo

"Packed With Useful Information... Can Be Put To Use Right Away."

"Wonderful course packed with useful information that can be put to use right away."
Amy Marcus

You Can See This Program Is The Most Complete
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If, at any time within the first 60 days you do not feel that this is everything that I say it is…
if you are not happy with it for any reason whatsoever, or absolutely no reason at all…
simply return the program to me for a full refund of your purchase price…

60 Day Total Satisfaction
Money Back Guarantee


This is my simple...

No Gimmicks
No Hassles
No Excuses
No Quibble
No Fine Print
No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee.



Simply return the CDs, manual and certificate
to receive a full refund of your purchase price.

By using the time tested and proven information I'm giving you, 
you will attract more clients, help more people and increase your 
business... making more money. All the reasons we do what we do. 

Remember, all the risk is on me.
Your satisfaction is BETTER THAN 100%
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Tom, Send me the Weight Loss Specialty Training for Hypnotists.
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To Your Success!
Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI, CPC

Board Certified Hypnotist
Certified Instructor
Certified Professional Consultant
PS: Think about how things are right now and how you'd like them to be. This is your opportunity to do what you became a Professional Hypnotist for... to help people and make money doing it.

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